Problem tel SNF 2010-07-30 19:29:52: no process gases.

gth at gth at
Fri Jul 30 19:29:53 PDT 2010

We had a power outage in SNF.
When the power came back on, The TEL machine software and pumps and MW looked OK on the computer.
It gave message 176 : MAcro V-transfer impossible.
Then I homed the robot and restarted the computer.
But when I begin processing the recipe, the loading is fine - however the recipe fails.
It is checking for the pressure in the PM1, and gases do not flow. The first step is Ar gas flow with Process pressure of 0.
It gave a message 178: Macro PM1 Recipe impossible.
I checked the Instruction Manual
It said Description - PM1 does not respond within 60 seconds
Check - Macro Routine Step No (DM11), and confirm the conditions of the step.

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