not on coral/update logbooks

maurice stevens maurice at
Wed Dec 6 10:36:41 PST 2006

Teos2 is  not on coral right now.  It will be put back on during the 
next coral update. If you need to use it please send an email to 
teos2 at to let other users know the time you will have it.

Also, the maint guys reported that there have been a few cases recently 
that Teos was used and it was not put in the log book (Tylan info is 
logged in a database and the maint guys can see the tubes usage even if 
it is not enabled on coral).  The logbook must be filled out for each 
run.  Our maint crew schedule tube and burnbox cleans based on the 
logbooks.  Please go and fill in any unlogged runs.

If you don't fill in the logbook the maint guys send me an email.  Then 
I send you an email.  I don't think I am really adding value to this 
process so please fill out the logbook.


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