[TEOS2] Long reservation this week

Hyeun-Su Kim aeonia at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 14 11:29:49 PST 2006

I hope this ends up as one time event. However, there is some chance for one
more run (at most).

Thank you.


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Hyeun-Su Kim and otherTEOS users,
     we will be pulling the Tube at 50 microns. As far as Rohits question
about will it be the same after pull and clean, It should be very close but
there may also be an effect of coating so small tweeks may be necessary. Is
this long dep going to be something that happens often or will it be  aone
time thing?ted

Hyeun-Su Kim wrote:

Hi Robin and all,
The total thickness I will deposit is 10um. The tube thickness is 5um now
and the tube cleaning will be at 40um. (Maurice, if I am wrong, please
correct it to the exact number) So, we have 25um more to go after my
The source may be depleted during my deposition, but it won't be a problem
as long as they have more.
I am going to take two slots a day. 10 hours from midnight to 10am and
9hours from 12:30pm to 9:30pm. However, I am willing to give the reserved
slot if anybody needs it. Just let me know in one day advance.
I apologize for the inconvenience again, and thank you much.
Hyeun-su (aeonia)
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Hi Hyeun-su,
Thanks for the advanced notice.  Could you please tell us how thick
your total depositions will be and whether it will necessitate a tube
clean?  How long are your reservations?
Also, can you please use the tube during non-prime hours to free up
the equipment for folks who need it for regular processing?
Robin King
--- Hyeun-Su Kim  <mailto:aeonia at stanford.edu> <aeonia at stanford.edu> wrote:

Dear TEOS2 users,
I have a thick teos deposition process upcoming and made 10 long
reservations this week. Please let me know if you have to use this
this week, so that we can adjust the schedules if needed. I
apologize for
the long reservations.
Thank you.
Hyeun-su (aeonia)

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