Comment thermco2 SNF 2008-11-06 16:57:36: 11/6

maurice at maurice at
Thu Nov 6 16:57:36 PST 2008

Modified the standard 1umSiH4 recipe(800c at Atm) to unload the wafer from the chamber after it is cool to 400c.  Ran a test and wafer came out with the same black deposition.
Tryed to run the DCS1050_15torr recipe.  It aborted in the pressure rampdown step.  The ramp down now has a 15 sec delay  before the pressure starts to drop(it does it in the leakcheck also...but there is no gas flowing during the leakcheck).  This delay is with gas flowing is causing the overpressure.
I ran a leak check after the overpressure:
Base =0.98
Leakrate =237

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