Comment thermconitride1 SNF 2012-07-02 11:26:06: June qual results

wslee at wslee at
Mon Jul 2 11:26:07 PDT 2012

recipe: LSNTEST
time: 00:30:00
wafer placement: wafers were placed in the back of the 2nd 4" boat (there were 3 total). There should have been one more dummy.
back of tube - back of boat (dummy - slot 25, M2 - slot 24, M1 - slot 23, dummy - slot 22) - front of tube
Wafers measured across 9 points at woollam.
Mean: 2096A
Min: 2053A
Max: 2170A
Std Dev: 42A
Min: 1699A
Max: 1848A
Std Dev: 57A

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