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Mon Feb 6 10:12:53 PST 2012

Good Morning Nitride Users,

We wanted to let you know that the installation of the Epi2 second 
chamber will delay the turn of of both our LPCVD nitride systems.

The Nitride tubes and the Epi2 share the DCS line (DSC, Dichlorosilane, 
is the silicone source for nitride).  The line was purged for the 
shutdown and now that we have access to the lab we can connect the new 
Epi gas jungle to the DCS line.  Applied Materials is in the process of 
installing the jungle.  Contractors will come in and welds the lines and 
then the welds need to be certified by an outside company.  Once all 
that is complete we can turn on the DCS and qualify the tubes.

When we have a better feel for the progress of the work we'll send out 
another update.


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