Problem thermcopoly1 SNF 2009-03-06 04:14:31: low dep rate, low sheet res

maurice at maurice at
Thu Mar 12 10:37:24 PDT 2009

King reports:
Whatever doping ailment the poly tube had seems to have gone away. 
I ran six 1000A SiO2 wafers with P580PH3 at 8sccm PH3 for 72 min and annealed in Thermco1, "1ANNEAL" 15 min 900C N2.  
Three sets of two oxide wafers were loaded in the Thermcopoly1 per the attached photo with no add'l spacing between wafers.  (Note that Maurice moved the boats toward the back in the previous run, so now the front boat is situated where I've been loading my wafers, relative to the rail and ink marks on the external housing).
1) Back of back boat
12LT  910A,  107 ohm/sq
13LT  909A , 108  "
2) Front of back boat
14LT  880A,  119 ohm/sq
15LT  864A,  125 "
3) Front third of front boat
16LT  843A, 165 ohm/sq
17LT  843A,  177  "
The front group is typical of what we've generally seen.  We still see a significant doping shift along the load from the front to the center that I don't think is accounted for by the small change in thickness (Rohit or Ed could you please verify?)

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