Shutdown thermcopoly1 SNF 2009-11-14 01:20:08: Motor problem?

fanpy at fanpy at
Sat Nov 14 01:20:09 PST 2009

As described by previous user.
The boat was 1/3 out when I came on the tool. Did boat calibration.
The movement of the boat is generally very weird (it keeps moving back and forth when it's coming out, and might stop sometimes).
When I ran any recipe, after the boat went in, the motor will keep working and the tube entered a status called "BOATSTA" and at the end of this step, the whole recipe will go to "complete" and the boat starts to come out.
I use "enable" + "boat in" to manually send the boat back in, but did not run STBYPOLY in fear of the boat might come out at some point.

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