Problem thermcopoly1 SNF 2010-04-15 16:54:59: Boat calibration off

rik at rik at
Thu Apr 15 16:55:00 PDT 2010

Just a guess but it seems like the sensor for detecting when the boat has reached the maximum out position is failing, as the motor keeps trying to pull the boat out despite reaching max range. All the recipes (including BOATCAL) get stuck at this point. Manually sending the boat back in seems to override the system that tries to pull the boat out (based on motor sound). Managed to use this trick to successfully run the STBYPOLY recipe. Currently trying a deposition (again using the same trick). Base pressure is at 13mTorr as expected, and leak pressure at 30mTorr. Currently the motor is  not trying to pull the tube out. Not shutting the system down for now as the recipe is working out for me, but I'm guessing most users wouldn't want to follow my insanity ...

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