Shutdown thermcopoly1 SNF 2011-03-25 14:50:36: Low dep rate

maurice at maurice at
Mon Mar 28 15:18:41 PDT 2011

Dep rate  good
I ran P620PH3 for 60 minutes and got 975 ang...16.25Ang/min.
On Friday we ran the same recipe for 20 minutes and got 409 ang...20.45 ang/min.
On 4/20/2010 Cursive ran the same recipe for 60 minutes and got 970 ang...16.16 Ang/min (I chose his run because he put a measured thickness in the logbook).
>From the graph of Ed/Robin initial test the growth rate should be ~21 ang/min.
Ted called his guys at Tystar (I think Ted said Tystar...I could be wrong on his source) and they expected something in the range that we are getting.

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