Comment thermcopoly1 SNF 2012-12-06 15:22:04: film a tad more non-uniform than normal

lindaw at lindaw at
Sun Dec 23 09:26:08 PST 2012

wafers loaded closer to the source visually appear to be slightly more uniform than wafers closer to the load end of the furnace. Total wafers 13 + 2 dummies on either side, loaded from the back of the middle boat on the rail (wide slots).  Where the wafers near the source end have a normal looking 1 fringe of color change, the wafers near the source end have two distinct color fringes.  Fringes on all wafers tend to be larger at the top of the wafers as loaded (flats up).  Did not notice any temp or pressure fluctuations during deposition, but wasn't really looking for them.

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