Problem thermcopoly1 SNF 2012-10-31 16:42:25: pump pressure readout high

Ted Berg tberg at
Thu Nov 1 06:20:17 PDT 2012

Yes Linda it looks like the pump sensor for the system is bad. This will 
not affect the performance of the tube. it just tells us if there is an 
issue with the pump. When the gate valve is open, the pressures should 
about equalize. We are looking into getting a replacement. Ted

On 10/31/2012 4:42 PM, lindaw at wrote:
> Throughout recipe P580POLY  and STBYPOLY, the reading at the monitor for the pump pressure remained at 1196 mT.  Usually during pump, base pressure, and such, the pump pressure comes down with the tube and Aux pressures as read on the monitor.  My wafers visually look ok.
> during STBYPOLY base pressure, the readings were Tube =9mT, Pump = 1196 mT, Aux = 29 mT.  During leak check, Tube = 45mT, Pump = 1196mT, Aux = 54mT.
> Could it be a bad pressure sensor?

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