ThermcoPoly1 going gold

maurice stevens maurice at
Wed Mar 3 12:19:44 PST 2010

ThermcoPoly1 is tentatively scheduled to become a gold contaminated 
furnace March 15th. 

All clean doped poly with move over to Thermcopoly2.  The tubes operate 
exactly the same (except that ThermcoPoly2 has not had any boat 
calibration issues).  All the standard recipes are on both.

We expect to have the doping/growth rate charts finished by that time. 

You are free to start using ThermcoPoly2 now and I have already added 
many of you to the ThermcoPoly2 qualification list.  If you didn't get a 
qualification let me ( or Ed/Nancy/Mary) know and we will add you.

Why is ThermcoPoly2 the clean tube? Both ThermcoPoly tubes can deposited 
doped films but only ThermcoPoly2 is plumbed with Ge.  It is our only 
"clean" doped Ge tube so it could not become the "gold" tube.

If you have comments or concerns or compliments, let me know.


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