Shutdown thermcopoly2 SNF 2008-07-30 23:43:13: Seized pump, I fear ....

shott at shott at
Wed Jul 30 23:43:13 PDT 2008

Raja asked me to see if the pumps were running when he encountered pumping problems on thermcopoly2.
When I got down there:
1. Pumps were not running ...
2. The blower had been off long enough that it was at room temp.
3. The backing pump was trying to restart itself every 8-10 seconds and would buzz for a couple of seconds and then stop.  Faint electrical burning smell and the electric motor was very hot to the touch .... hotter than if it had actually been running normally.
4, On the end of the pump body the oil level light was red.
I pushed the orange buttons (facing the welding bench) to turn off both the blower and the pump so that it would stop trying to restart itself.
I fear that we may have a siezed pump on our hands ....

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