[Fwd: B2h6 is going away]

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 29 20:36:19 PST 2009

Of course it's a concern, because the process will be
completely changed.

Aside from deposition rates and doping incorporation,
I believe that the use of N2 as a diluent may shift the
process into the mass-transport-limited regime.
This would likely give less conformal films.

It sounds like it's a forced change (is that right?).
If so, I guess the best that we can do is work
around it-  it might be good to baseline our current
process (including trench/via fill) and compare it
to the new process.  It might be that a lower temperature
"standard" deposition is more useful in the new

How soon?  Any chance of getting a trench/via wafer


On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Ted Berg wrote:

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> Subject: 	B2h6 is going away
> Date: 	Wed, 28 Jan 2009 12:00:42 -0800
> From: 	Ted Berg <tberg at stanford.edu>
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> Hello All,
>    Just another reminder to B2H6 users on Thermco Polys. The B2H6 mix
> we are currently using is in H2 , in order to comply with EH7S
> requirements we are going to be switching to B2 H6 in N2. Does anyone
> have any conncerns/comments regarding this switch. Please respond
> quickly as it will be happening soon. Thanks,ted

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