Equipment Status

Jim Haydon jhaydon at
Wed Oct 16 08:13:05 PDT 2002

Balzers:    down do to dead cryo pump should be back up in about a week
Gryphon:    ok
Implanter:    ok
Innotec:     ok
Metalica:    down do to leak in cryo compressor should be up ths week
STS Dep:    down for system modification should be back up later today
wbgen- CTB:    ok
wbgen-LHP:    ok
wbgen-RHP:    ok
wbMETAL:    ok
wbNITRIDE:    ok
wbNONMETAL:    ok
wbDIFF:    ok
wbSILICIDE:    ok
wbGAASCL:    ok
wbMISCRES:    ok
wbOPTRES:    ok
DI WATER:    ok

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