Thinfilms morning report 11/12/03

james haydon jhaydon at
Wed Nov 12 14:57:33 PST 2003

Thinfilms morning report  11/12/03




Balzers:            ok

Gryphon:            ok

Implanter:            ok

Innotec:            ok

Metalica:            ok

STS Dep:            It should be available to later this afternoon.

wbSOLVENT:            ok

wbgen-CTB:            ok

wbgen-LHP:            ok

wbgen-RHP:            ok

wbMETAL:            ok       

wbNITRIDE:            ok

wbNONMETAL:            ok

wbDIF:            ok

wbSILICIDE:            ok

wbGAAS-LHP:            ok

wbGAAS-RHP:            ok

wbMISCRES:            ok

wbOPTRES:            ok

CPD:                ok

DI WATER:            ok       

NITROGEN:            ok       


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