thinfilms morning report 3/15/04

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Mon Mar 15 14:15:59 PST 2004

Thinfilms Morning Report 3/15/2004



Gryphon:            ok

Innotec;            ok

Balzers :            ok

STS Dep:            ok

Implanter:            ok

Metalica:            Relief is on the way. A new cryo pump was ordered 
last week to replace the 70's vintage pump that is currently being used 
on the Metalica .The order has already gone through purchasing and the 
cryo pump should arrive in about 2 weeks and take another week to install.

CPD:                ok                   

WbGen-CTB:            ok

WbGen-RHP:            ok

WbGen:-LHP:            ok

WbGaAs-RHP:            ok

WbGaSa-LHP:            ok

WbSilicide:            ok

WbDif: ok

WbNonmetal:            ok

WbNitride:            ok

WbMetal:            ok

Wbmiscres:            ok

WBOptres:            ok

WBSolvent:            ok

DI water:            ok

LN:                  ok

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