Problem tylan1 2002-08-28 10:52:08: Can't do oxidation

rajesh at rajesh at
Wed Aug 28 10:52:08 PDT 2002

I was signed up for tylan 1.  I see no mention; neither enable, nor reservation by any staff. The tube is in green status.
 And the TCA test is running in all four tylan tubes. This is completely unfair and unacceptable practice.
I was planning on doing a gate oxidation step followed by poly deposition. I cleaned my wafers for over an hour only to find out I can't do any oxidation today. The TCA test has just begun with over 10hrs to go.
I have essentially wasted my time cleaning wafers. Not to mention the delay of atleast one day perhaps more depending on the reservation situation of both poly and tylan.
I don't know what to say.

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