Furnace Conversion- Explanation and Status

Nancy Latta latta at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 17 14:26:06 PST 2003

Dear Lab Members,

Over the past several years there have been many requests for oxidation 
furnaces that can accommodate non-standard materials or materials that 
have not been authorized to go into the clean oxidation tubes. This 
message is to address that need and to explain how the new six-inch 
Thermco furnaces will be used.

First, tylan1 and tylan2 will remain as they presently are; clean 
oxidation tubes.

Tylan3 will become the same as the present tylan7 is; a silicide tube. 
The real tylan7 is to become a new six-inch TEOS tube. This conversion 
will occur while the present TEOS tube is still functional and will 
affect no other furnace in bank 2 (tylan5, tylan6 and tylansige) other 
than a two week shutdown, time to be announced.

Tylan4 will become a ‘dirty’ furnace. Materials that are not allowed in 
the other furnaces may be allowed in it. Obviously, materials that will 
break down or redeposit in the tube will not be allowed. Members who 
want to use the furnace will need authorization from the Special 
Materials Committee before using it.

Quartzware for tylan3 and 4 will be marked so that there will be no 
chance of mixing it with clean quartzware. Additionally, the display 
areas of the furnaces will be color coded to help members in recognizing 
the contamination level of the tubes.

The new six-inch furnaces, thermco1 and thermco2 will be clean. Thermco1 
is going to be a ‘super-clean’ tube to be used for gate oxides only. 
Thermco2 will be available for to lab members for clean oxides.

Below is a summary of the changes;

Tylan1- remains the same, a clean oxidation tube
Tylan2- remains the same, a clean oxidation tube
Tylan3- becomes a silicide oxidation tube (like tylan7 is presently)
Tylan4- becomes a ‘dirty’ oxidation tube for approved materials
Tylan7- becomes 6-inch TEOS tube

Thermco1- super-clean gate oxidations, maximum oxide thickness about 3000A
Thermco2- same as tylan1 and 2, a clean oxidation tube

Please contact Nancy with any questions and/or comments.

Nancy Latta
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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420 Via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305 - 4070 
(650) 725-6727
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