Last night WET1100A oxidation in tylan2

SangBum Kim kimsangb at
Tue Nov 14 00:20:21 PST 2006

Dear tylan users,


 I did oxidation with WET1100A for more than 2 hours (with 10 minutes
annealing) expecting 10000A thick oxide. It came out blue color and when I
measured the thickness with nanospec (both of them) and ellipsometer, they
gave me quite strange numbers.


 Nanospec gave me ~1350A / 1.466 and ellipsometer gave me 9466A/2.996
(routine 10) or 2465A (routine 11 with n=1.468). Is this too thick for these


 Could anyone give me a clue for these? Has anyone seen open tylan2 tube
before 10:00 PM (I was expecting it to be open around 10:30 PM)?





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