Thin Oxide

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Tue Feb 3 13:27:12 PST 2009

Last year is a long time ago,  back then I was getting good results as well
but from Oct. 2008 I was not able to grow anything below 30nm with
acceptable uniformity, attached is the thickness measurement for 5 wafers
with target thickness 30nm, non-uniformity is as high as 10%.


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I grew 10nm oxide several times last year with DRY750.  Uniformity from 
our TEM images was pretty ok.
Prinz Group

Arash Hazeghi wrote:
> Nancy,
> Last time I ran Tylan 2 for 20nm oxide (DRY900) uniformity was horrible,
> the furnace been fixed since then? 
> Thanks,
> Arash
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> Folks,
> Is anyone running tylan1 or 2 for 10nm oxides?  If so, can you which 
> furnace, temp and time to yoonyoung at
> Thanks in advance,
> -Nancy
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