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Fri Mar 20 16:14:14 PDT 2009

Each day this week, I  loaded 500AN (bringing the standby temp to 500c 
instead of 800c) on any tylanoxide that did not have a reservation two 
days in the future.

If you look at the coral history, only Tylan4 was used this week.  We 
saved some energy this week!

As always, you should check the temp of the tylan tubes before running 
an oxide or anneal to make sure it is at the correct temperature for 
your recipe.  (In my training, I recommend users check the temperature 
right before they start cleaning their wafers so there will be at least 
an hour of ramp time.)  If it is not at the correct temperature, load 
your desired recipe and allow the tube temp to reach your desired 

Eric Perozziello wrote:
> Folks, please, if you run a process in tylan 1 thru 4 that
> is less than 800C, PLEASE load 800AN or something similar to
> cause the tube to ramp back up to idle.  No need to run
> the program, just merely load the 800AN program, type in any
> time, and then do no run it.  That's all you need to do.
> It takes HOURS for the tube to properly stabilize at
> elevated temperature.
> Today, several tubes were left at 500C.
> Thanks

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