Tylan 2 rsvp

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 7 18:05:31 PST 2008

Someone may have accidentally restarted their program after
unloading.  As I recall the boatloader is broken, so
this may cause confusion when unloading.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to check this without peeking
inside the tube (or confirming that the last known user made this


On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Arash Hazeghi wrote:

> Hi,
> I had a reservation for tylan 2 but looks like someone is running
> DRY850, I don't know who they are since the furnace was disabled. it
> would be nice if we can honor reservations.
> Thanks,
> Arash

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