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Friends of Tylan 4:

Keith has been following the saga of tylan 4 and has sent me the following
message related to the health/alignment of the torch assembly.  He points out
that torch problems can result in non-uniform wet oxide thickness ... but
should show uniform dry oxidation results.

As the tube was just pulled/cleaned can anyone comment on the alignment or
wear of the torch assembly?



Here are Keith's comments ...

John, Nancy -
   I hope you don't mind me chiming in but I thought of another possibility.
there been a uniformity test done on this tube with a dry oxidation lately?
the results better than the wet? If so and the results are better this more
likely points to a faulty or mis-aligned torch. If the center bore of the
torch is
mis-aligned with the outer bore the flame produced will not be uniform and
cause uniformity variations. (Thicker where the flame is actually pointing). I
know there is a baffle in the rear of the tube that is supposed  to take care
this problem but doesn't always do it. A dry ox test run would take this
(steam) out of the equation but would point out any temperature variations. My
guess is the dry ox is probably good and you need to replace the torch with
that is properly aligned or not worn. (I would always visibly check the
torches to
make sure the center bore was aligned with the outer)
   Hope this helps -
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