WBDIFF cleaning

Maurice Stevens maurice at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 16 18:08:22 PDT 2003

Wbdiff users,

We had an incident this week of  a labmember not completely cleaning 
their wafers in the wbdiff sink and then going into an oxide furnace. 
 Part of their clean was done in wbsilicide.  

The complete diffusion clean is to be done in the wbdiff sink  Any 
changes to this policy will be emailed to the entire userbase of wbdiff. 
 If you are unclear on the cleaning procedures or need a refresher, 
please refer to 
 This web page has all the who, what and why's.

If you still have questions please contact one of the staff members.

The furnace has been cleaned and the vacuum wand tip was changed.


maurice at stanford.edu

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