Problem tylan4 SNF 2008-12-12 19:57:34: seems kinda messed up

mrlin at mrlin at
Fri Dec 12 19:57:38 PST 2008

Various Issues I noticed before using:
1) Spring thing for the boat out mechanism is undone and shifted.
2) Big thermal-mass block hits tube when boating in and out, causing it to shift position as you boat in and out.
3) Front panel "Status" sometimes reads TEMP=280ish and sometimes reads 400 (it refreshes funny). Now it's staying at 280ish, which is incorrect, it should be around 400. DI ST 4 on Tycom also says temp should be around 400.
4) TC seems to have issues. TC on S showed up "b", Jim McVittie disconnected and then reconnected TC plugs, and it went away. But now, "B" shows up on another TC: TC L. I attemped same thing, and it went away, but I think temp reading is still wrong.
Other Info: I noticed all this as I was loading the boat, after cooling the furnace down from 800 to 400 (I need to load at 400).

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