Tylan4 is still a clean furnace!

Nancy Latta latta at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 15 17:45:36 PST 2004


Some labmembers have expressed concern over the speediness with which 
the furnace plan has been implemented.  To explain, the EE410'ers needed 
to re-work a furnace operation which prompted tylan3 be changed to 
semi-clean status.

We'd like to suggest that tylan4 reamain a clean furnace until there is 
a request from a labmember to use it as a contaminated tube.  This will 
allow us to have a bit more time to complete the tests on the Thermco 
furnaces before we start training users on them.

So, at this point tylan4 is a clean furnace.  When it changes status, we 
will send out a message and hang the appropriate signage.

-Nancy and Team Furnace

Nancy Latta
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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