Comment tylan5 SNF 2007-06-25 10:05:19: test performed to verify system operation

seymour at seymour at
Mon Jun 25 10:05:20 PDT 2007

Running the tool in manual, I flowed 150 sccm N2 carrier to BBR3. The N2 carrier flow switched from  the normally open port of the BBR3  3-way solenoid to bubbler "in" connection and the "out" connection went to the tube/vent 3-way valve. I verified leak tight connections at this time. I then turned on the tube  function on the MFS460. Now the BBR3 was flowing througn the process tube. At this point I turned off the supply air to the air actuated 3-way valves. The flow through the bubbler stopped, but the N2 carrier continued to flow as it shoud. At no time during my testing did the TGO sensor detect any BBR3. 

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