Shutdown tylan6 SNF 2010-04-28 03:04:12: MFS alarm, No Doping

ajamo at ajamo at
Wed Apr 28 03:04:13 PDT 2010

I ran  POCL800A  (time = 30 min) on a test wafer and got MFS alarming for the entire doping step.  (step 25 @ 30 min)     I had done TWO dummy runs prior to the test wafer run to load up the tube.     The doping/resistivity is off by orders of maginitude.  My test wafer resistivity was ave = 20,000+ ohm/sq and a few weeks ago I ran the same program several times over a period of 2 weeks and was getting consistantly resistivity = 110 ohm/sq.     I did a second test wafer to confirm the results and the results are the same ,  Resistivity = 20,000+ ohm/square.    I ran a wafer of known resistivity on the prometrix to check the resistivity measuring and it was fine.   I am sure the correct process time was entered.   When the furnace started alarming  (immediately at the start of step 25)  I double checked and  monitored the 30 min  process time .

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