Possible POCl3 replacement

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Tue Aug 11 22:01:17 PDT 2009

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We've had the same "messy" POCL3 process here for 25+ years, and
it's served us well.  I don't think that should be abandoned.

I am certain that any new replacement would not be adequately
characterized by the lab, so that burden would fall squarely
on the users.  Some of us have many man-hours of calibrations
and many thousands of dollars in SRP and SIMS into these things, and
to start over on something without a good technical reason is just not

I can come up with lots of other things that really DO need to be fixed,
if anybody's looking for a list   :)


> Hello All,
>    Here is some interesting info on a POCl3 replacement. If users could send me
> desired temps and desired dopant levels we can explore further. POCl3 is
> slimey and nasty stuff these seem like a good alternative. Thoughts??
> ted

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