Comment tylanbpsg SNF 2007-01-24 10:52:59: test results

maurice at maurice at
Wed Jan 24 10:53:00 PST 2007

front boat
slot #3  c=1850 t=1992 b=1985 r=2125 L=2111
slot#11 c=1741 t=1866b=1801 r=1878 L=1894
slot#24 c=1782 t=1941 b=1763 r=1994 L=1858
rear boat
#11 c=1672 t=1655 b=1813 r=1715 L=1818
#12 c=1669 t=1678 b=1780 r=1719 L=1761
#13 c=1680 t=1756 b=1789 r=1741 L=1825
#14 c=996 t=671 b=1624 r=1044 L=1398
#15 c=12443 t=2643 b=2100 r=2336 L=2608
Wafers 14 and 15 of rear boat were very non-uniform...looks like 14 was not sitting straight.
All other test wafers look normal.  We will run another test on the rear boat soon (tube is booked up).

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