Characterization test

Nick Lindert nlindert at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 21 19:11:45 PDT 2000

This upsets me very much.  I made a reservation for Monday evening.
I drive over an hour to get to the lab and I find that the tube is
still down.  Since there is no way to check the status of the tubes
remotely, we have to have more up to date emails sent out about the
condition of the tubes.  Originally the prediction was that this
tube was to be up on Friday so I figured a Monday night reservation
was safe.  It is very frusterating to waste 3 hrs round trip to
accomplish nothing.

If someone can tell me a method of finding out the status remotely,
I would be able to tolerate the lack of up-to-date status emails.

(not always this bitter)

> Tylanbpsg #11: Will remain down all weekend.
> Characterization test and results for recipes LTO400, AND LTOPSG400 will
> be perform on Monday, August 21st by Eehern Wong.
> Late Monday or early Tuesday the system will be up for users, depending
> on the test results.
> Thanks, Jaime Garate

Nick Lindert
nlindert at

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