System up again

Nancy Latta latta at
Mon May 21 17:15:17 PDT 2001


After the quartzware and dummy wafers were exposed to a haze caused by
the fire in the basement last week, we pulled and cleaned the
quartzware.  We also replaced the dummies with new wafer stock.

Today we were able to complete a uniformity check and although it is not
be best result we could have wished for, we are releasing the system
from shutdown.

A summary of the data is as follows;

Nonmetal side;
	Wafer-to-wafer	17%
	Within a wafer	 6-7%

Metal side;
	Wafer-to-wafer	 9%
	Within a wafer	 4-7%

Please let us know your comments,

				Nancy, Henry, Ray and Mike

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