stripping dummies in BPSG

Liji Huang liji at
Wed Oct 31 11:42:03 PST 2001

Also please clean the dummy wafers after changing them, please DONOT 
leaving the dummies on
top of the  wet bench for someone else to clean.  

For the last batch, it takes more than 30 min in BOE to clean some of 
the dummies so everybody can
guess how thick the oxide is. 

Balaji Venkateshwaran wrote:

> BPSG Users,
> Due to confusion in log book entries, I had to spend a good portion of my 
> morning trying to figure out who stripped the dummies previously and when.
> LTO thickness on the dummies is at 4.2um !!
> Somebody before me should have stripped the dummies *** WHEN IT REACHED 3um *** 
> and I'm having to do your job now.
> Part of this was due to confusing entries in the log book for the previous dummy 
> cleans. I would recommend anyone cleaning dummies to UNAMBIGUOUSLY record the 
> process in the log book. Leave a blank line, write in a separate row, whatever 
> .... make sure you put it down clear enough in a separate line so the next person 
> is sure of the dummy thickness.
> Balaji

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