Low SiH4 level alert

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Oct 4 17:15:37 PDT 2002

Silane/LP users,

The silane cylinder that supplies tystar, poly, bpsg, and SiGe tubes
will be changed on Monday, October 4. The quantity of gas remaining can
support 2000 minutes of 200 sccm deposition plus a safety margin. As of
now, there are no reservations for the weekend. If you do plan on
running, please reply (reply to all) to this e-mail so any other user
can compute remaining silane. Please do not run without noting gas
usage. Example: 2000 min - dep time in minutes = remaining minutes for
the next user. A spare cylinder with an automatic cylinder change-over
manifold is in the works.

Thanks and have a good weekend,


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