Issues with LTO

Ted Berg tberg at
Tue Oct 15 06:53:57 PDT 2002

Greetings all,
     As most of you know we hav had reports of low dep rates and high
pressure on the tube recently.  In looking at the log or coral comments
related to these incidents are very sparse.  We in maintenace are good,
but not psychic.please give us as many details as possible via coral or
email to help us find the problems as quickly as possible.  Parameters
such as pressure, temp, gas flows are the main variables in LTO dep so
these would be very helpful.  Also be aware that on variable parameter
recipes it is easy to make a mistake that could drastically affect
outcomes.  Since wehave no history on the runs the investigation of
issues is much more difficult.  Thanks in advance for your help and
sorry for whining.ted

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