Update for gas shutdown for Thermco tie-in

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 22 15:31:18 PDT 2003

LP furnace users,

Great news, the Thermco furnace gas tie-in project is ahead of schedule
and proceeding well. Affected gases lines have been purged and tested
for residual toxic and pyrophoric gases. Extension tees have been welded
and the gas lines now extend to the new furnace. As of early this
afternoon, all five gas lines are in 24 hr. pressure test mode with the
first of three county inspections scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.
Existing furnaces should be back in operation by Tuesday, possibly

This action affects SiGe, Poly, Nitride, BPSG, and Tystar tubes.

Furnaces NOT affected by this action: BBr3, POCl3, oxidation
(tylan1-4,7), FGA, and TEOS.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. This work represents a major
step toward six inch processing capability.


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