Update for gas shutdown for Thermco tie-in

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 28 11:53:44 PDT 2003

LP furnace users,

Good news concerning the Thermco furnace gas tie-in project: All
construction has been completed and the county inspectors have signed
off the permits. On Friday maintenance reassembled all gas lines which
had been disturbed and started a 24 hr. leak test. B2H6, PH3, DCS, and
SiH4 lines passed the test. After a final safety check this morning,
process gases will reintroduced to the lines, valve action and MFCs
checked, and the processes verified. Tylan SiGe, Tylanpoly, Tystar1
should be operational and "Green lighted" by this afternoon (4/28). This
is definitely ahead of schedule.

Now the bad news: NH3 did not pass the final leak test, suspected
gaskets have been replaced and the NH3 line is back in 24 hr. leak test
mode. This action prevents Tylannitride from running until at least
mid-day Tuesday.
TylanBPSG has a vacuum problem and an electronics control problem, both
of which, are currently being addressed. These faults have nothing to do
with the gas tie-in project.

In a related project completed during this shutdown, the LPCVD furnaces
now have an automatic silane cylinder change-over system installed. This
system will eliminate the need to budget silane use when approaching
cylinder change time, eliminate furnace downtime during the 24 hr. leak
check (the test will occur in parallel), and save $$ due to full use of
the silane cylinders.

This tie-in project went very well thanks the help of Bob Wheeler, Ted
Berg, Ray Seymour, Mike Dickey, the four outside contractors, and the
various county and Stanford inspectors.


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