Silane bottle

Dick Crane rcrane at
Wed Jan 15 12:07:11 PST 2003


The furnace silane gas consumption rate has increased
in the last few days and next week's cylinder change has been moved up
to Thursday, 1/16/03, at 0600. This early change will ensure
uninterrupted silane service over the three day weekend. The furnaces
will be back up on Friday, 1/17/03, at 0600. Maintenance has reserved
the furnaces for this 24 hr. time slot.

What happened to the automatic system Dick promised?  Our automatic
changeover valving has been built and is ready for installation. Since
silane is pyrophoric, full county permitting protocol must be followed.
The project is presently in permitting, but we should be ready for
installation at the next cylinder change.



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