Thin LTO

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Deposition rate of LTO is way too fast, in general, to make such 
thin film deposition controllable.  
In my experience (not at SNF), HTO deposited at 800~900 C using 
DCS and N2O (instead of silane and oxygen which are for LTO) 
provided high-quality film (as uniform and dense as thermal oxide) 
at a very controllable rate (down to ~ 4 A/min).  I didn't try it at SNF 
yet, but maybe Gladys or Maurice might give an answer if this process 
is available here. 

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Hi Folks,
    I am just wondering if anybody has the experience to deposit as thin as 200A LTO.
    If so, how kind of condition have you ever tried? How is the result? Uniformity and etc.
    I have been struggling to deposit such a thin LTO using LTO450P recipe, but no much luck.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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