why tylanbpsg has a cable problem

Aaron Partridge aaronp at micromachine.stanford.edu
Sun May 18 10:38:00 PDT 2003

tylan users,

please excuse a brief rant:  when we are done with a tylan tube and the 
door is closed the door motor will keep pushing the door -- even though 
it is already closed.  when the motor runs like this there is supposed 
to be a slip clutch safely sliding away, but sometimes that 'clutch' is 
the pully on the cable.  then guess what?  the cable gets trashed.  
where does it get trashed?  on the pulley where you can't see it when 
the tube is closed.

when a tube is closed and you hear the door motor running, that what is 
happening.  you can and should stop this.  when i was trained (in 1995) 
this was standard procedure, now most lab users don't have a clue about 
it.  walk by the tubes some time and listen, you can usually hear a few 
of them grinding away.


> Hi Tylanbpsg users,
>    I just wanted to elaborate on the problem "Part of the
> wire that pulls out the boat almost breaks" reported by
> user Yishida.  A cursory look at the cable assembly reveals
> nothing serious; however there is indeed a seriously frayed
> part of the cable (about 2/3 of the thickness is gone)
> that's hidden inside the user-end pulley housing.  It's
> visible only when the tube is moving in or out.  Be very
> careful when using the tube.
> Ben Chui

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