Practices of changing dummies

Chi On Chui chion at
Sat Jan 31 22:29:52 PST 2004

Dear LTO users,

When I was about to use LTO today, I noticed two very unacceptable
practices. The first one was failure to update the log book, which would
have indicated a dummy wafer thickness of 3.84um. The last user requested
a 1um deposition on top of 2.84um. S/he should be responsible for BOTH
changing the dummies and stripping the oxides. Since I had to use the tube
today, so I was happy to be penalized with my own processing time to do
the jobs.

Secondly, when I were going to replace dummies with those "cleaned" ones
inside the rollaround car, I noticed that all the dummies (both metal &
non-metal) there were so colorful. The last-but-one dummy-changer should
have left the job to the next person. Ah...maybe that's the reason why the
user before me didn't want to do that in addition to her/his. Again, I
did just enuff for my run!!!

How should we continue to enforce the "LTO protocol" from now on?

/Chi On

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