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Maurice Stevens maurice at
Thu Apr 27 13:35:50 PDT 2006

Hello BPSG user,

Earlier this year we changed the style of boats that are in the BPSG 
system.  The long boat with 100 dummies was replaced by two boats with 
13 slots.

We observed the wafer uniformity was as good as 2% using the new boats 
as opposed to the 9-15% using the long boat. 

Several users complained that they needed to run more that  10 wafers 
(10 process  + 3 dummies)  so we installed wafers with 26 slots.

One of the 26 wafer boats was broken last week and we had a 13 slot boat 
in the tube for a couple of days.  Some of you may have noticed the 
difference in the deposition rate.  The 13 slot boat growth rate is 
double that of the 26 slot boat.  We plan on only having the 26 slot 
boats in the future so that there will be no confusion.

Enjoy the better uniformity


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