New LTO boats

Maurice Stevens maurice at
Tue Jan 31 17:34:56 PST 2006

Good news or Bad news

The LTO tube currently has two new boats that have replaced the one long 

The front boat ( the right one when loading wafers) is for non-metal.  
The rear boat (the left one as you load wafers) is for standard metal 

These new boats hold 13 wafers each.  You should run full boats as we 
did with the previous long boat. The first couple and the last couple of 
wafers will see a different gas flow than the wafers in the middle of 
the boat, so load your wafers toward the middle.

The oxide deposition rate for undoped oxide in the tube has not changed 
(we have not run a doped run yet).  But the uniformity on a wafer is 
much better .  In the past uniformity across a wafer  was normally 8 to 
15%.  The first test run with the new boats was ~2.25%.  Good stuff.

What if you have more than 13 metal or non-metal wafers?  We should have 
an answer tomorrow for that.  The first step was to see if this would 
give you a better process.


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