LTO test results

Robin King robinhmb at
Wed Jul 16 04:08:08 PDT 2008

The LTO tube came back up today and after an initial coat (6000A?) needed a test run. 

RUN 1: 
Coated additional 45 min with LTO400 to help stabilize dep rate.

Then three runs with 11 wafers each in metal and nonmetal boats, loaded every other slot: 

LTO400 for 00:04:45. All bare Si test wfs. 
Metal boat =  890A or 134A/min
Nonmetal boat =  826A or 131A/min
Particles barely visible

LTO400 for 00:05:30.  
Metal boat = 1124A  or 219A/min 
Nonmetal boat = 954A, or 185.73 A/min 
Particles, but very small

LTO400 for 00:05:20
Metal boat = 1117AA or 209A/min
Nometal boat = 966A or 193.2A/min 
More particles.  Still smaller and fewer than before tube clean but becoming more of a problem. 


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