LTO400 film integrity

Robin King robinhmb at
Tue Mar 11 16:51:13 PDT 2008

If you've deposited LTO400 since the tube was cleaned would you
please inspect your test wafers?  We had two runs of 1000A each on
Friday using the metal boat and see tiny pinholes and hazy roughness
which are readily visible under DF.  The pinholes are visible under
BF at higher mag if you look closely, along with larger spots.   Runs
previous to the clean didn't have these defects.  It's not just a
surface problem because it persists after partially etching the film.
 Refractive index by Rudolph ellipsometer was 1.457 to 1.461; typical
is about 1.470.  

Maybe with more depositions the problem will go away.  Could users
please carefully inspect their bare Si test wafers and let the other
users know your results?


Robin King/IBM Almaden Research Center

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