9pm-12am reservation cancelled

Duygu Kuzum duygu at stanford.edu
Tue Mar 11 21:06:52 PDT 2008

Sorry for late notice.

Quoting Robin King <robinhmb at yahoo.com>:

> If you've deposited LTO400 since the tube was cleaned would you
> please inspect your test wafers?  We had two runs of 1000A each on
> Friday using the metal boat and see tiny pinholes and hazy roughness
> which are readily visible under DF.  The pinholes are visible under
> BF at higher mag if you look closely, along with larger spots.   Runs
> previous to the clean didn't have these defects.  It's not just a
> surface problem because it persists after partially etching the film.
>  Refractive index by Rudolph ellipsometer was 1.457 to 1.461; typical
> is about 1.470.
> Maybe with more depositions the problem will go away.  Could users
> please carefully inspect their bare Si test wafers and let the other
> users know your results?
> Thanks,
> Robin King/IBM Almaden Research Center
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