Status of the burnbox?

maurice stevens maurice at
Fri May 4 09:29:49 PDT 2012

We are installing interlocks on all the Tylan LPCVDs so that if there is 
a burn box alarm all process gases to the tube will be shutoff.  We 
expect to have this part complete today.

We will test the interlocks today (if time permits) and Monday.

We are also looking at logged tylan data to see if we can narrow the 
burnbox problems to one tube.  We believe we will need to modify some of 
the poly recipes to make the burn box safer.

We hope to be running all the LPs by Wed.


On 5/4/2012 8:40 AM, Zhiping Zhang wrote:
> Could someone please give us an update on that?
> Thanks,
> Zhiping

maurice at

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