Abort step in BPSG recipes

Maurice M Stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Wed May 23 11:33:31 PDT 2012

Hi TylanBPSG users,

There is a new BPSG disk.  It currently has 5 recipes.
If you need additional recipes let me know. 

These recipes have an addition abort step added.  If the tube is disabled or if the burnbox fails in a step that has O2, SiH4 or PH3 then the recipe will abort, shut off process gases (O2, SiH4,PH3), pump for 5 min and then hold in N2.  The hold step is called "ABORT PURGE/HOLD".  You will now know that your process was interrupted. Pressing alarm ack will release the recipe hold, purge the tube in N2, and then vent the tube.

Please contact me or Ted if any of this is not clear.


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